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Start producing your own energy.

We have the solutions so that you can produce your own energy for you and your Home in this modern world, a combination of the new technologies that we offer will make your life more comfortable, save you money and help the environment, it is the way forward for the future.

It will save you money, the standard unit will produce 4.6kw of electricity this is enough to run a standard home with a swimming pool, with the ever-increasing electricity cost to you, in around 4 – 6 years it would have paid for itself this is because of the Sun hours we have in Spain, depending on how much power you normally use and how much the cost of electric keeps increasing.

Now you can feed the power you generate back to the Electricity company (Grid) if you want to.

The system can use the main Electric Grid if required due to heavy loads or very cloudy days or at night instantaneously you will not notice any disruption to supply.

If the grid power lines are being worked on for safety then the system shuts down automatically until the Grid comes on again.

You can if desired retrofit batteries to store that power you produce if you want to use at night, this is better than being credited for the electricity you produce by the electric company as you would always pay more when buying electricity than you would get selling it back to the electric company, they would not credit you like for like.

It is much more affordable to buy this type of equipment than many people think, the cost will vary depending on installation requirements.

Solar Panels can be placed in a South, East – West orientation, spit into separate panels on a flat roof, sloping roof or on the ground, you need space for about 14 to 18 Solar panels.

We have units that will produce Single Phase or Three Phase electricity.

Solar Panels are very hardy to Weather conditions and are mounted securely to prevent movement.

The Solar electric panels we use are made in Spain so designed to run with the heat we have here, this is important as heat is the enemy of efficiency.

The inverter (this creates the usable 220-volt electricity) are made in Germany or Holland depending on application required and these days are around 97% efficient at converting the energy from the panels to mains power, this power is what is called a True Sinewave format so that every day equipment can be used as normal such as computers and other sensitive household appliances.

It is our belief that if you are going to use Solar Electric to produce your own electricity then you should make choices when needed to convert your entire property over to electric appliances to make the most of the free electric as possible for everything from cooking, to space heat the property.

This is not so much a choice you make as one that has already been made for you by the situation of your property, if your property is already connected to the grid then it would make sense to use a ‘Grid Connected System’ and use the Grid to support your installed system.

If your property is not connected to the Grid you can still have a system that runs like a property that is ‘Grid Connected’, it would just mean you would have to have batteries to produce and store the power.

There are some very exciting developments in Battery technology in recent years making the batteries more efficient, much smaller and lighter, similar to the mobile phone technology but on a bigger scale, these batteries made with Lithium Phosphate don’t have the disadvantages of a lead acid battery as they can be discharged almost completely without damage to the battery and can be charged very quickly using a battery manager without problems.

It is our belief that if you are going to use Solar Electric to produce your own electricity then you should make choices when needed to convert your entire property over to electric appliances to make the most of the free electric as possible for everything from cooking to space heat the property.

Produce your own Hot Water for free, the best way to do this is direct heat from the Sun so that the energy is directly converted into Hot Water, a holding tank would hold this hot water until required, a small immersion heater or Heat Pump can be added as a backup for any prolonged days with no sun or high demand of hot water, a timed sensor would check the status of the hot water and only switch on the Immersion heater or Heat Pump if required.

Sizing the system would depend on the household requirements, the number of people that will be using the hot water and life choices such as baths preferred or Showers.

The Solar Hot Water panels would have to be facing the Sun on the house roof normally, but other sites may be suitable providing that they are not to far away from the required entry point for the house, the further away from the point of entry the longer it would take for the hot water to reach the Tap, so as shorter distance as possible would be the most efficient.

If you haven’t already experienced a heated pool you should ask if you can a feel one that is heated, as this will help you to see the benefits of a warm pool and make the most of your swimming pool throughout the year, a pool cost you money to run if you use it or not, so use it as much as you can when it is heated.

Solar pool heating would be the preferred way to heat a swimming pool directly from the Sun, the number of Solar Hot water panels required to do this would vary quiet dramatically depending on expectations, such as if you wanted to use the pool all year and the temperature you like the water to be, because we do not know for sure how often the Sun will shine on the panels and the days hot enough to produce the heat you require during the Winter, so a certain amount of over specification in Solar Panels is necessary to ensure that the required temperature of the water is achieved.
Please read Heat Pumps …

This is a very modern and efficient way to heat water for Swimming Pools or Property space heating in the home with Underfloor Heating or Radiators, as they produce more energy than they consume up to seven times the output energy unit for the energy that is used to run.

Heat Pumps are replacing Gas Boilers in the modern home because of there high efficiency.

They don’t require very much space for the unit location, because of this they are sometimes a very good alternative to Solar Hot water panels or as a secondary system and are easier to calculate the required size of the unit as the output is defined and they will work at temperatures below freezing in situation that require that.


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