About Competa Solar

The new name for HM Heating.

We are Cómpeta Solar and we provide Electric (PV)Grid Connected ElectricOff Grid ElectricHot WaterPool HeatingHeat Pump

Cómpeta Solar is the new name of H M Heating that has been operating locally in Cómpeta since 2006, we have been very busy over the years installing Heat Pumps for Pools, Solar Electric systems and advising others on how it is done professionally, having been officially trained by Victron Energy in Spain so that local official requirements are followed, Cómpeta Solar is a legally registered Spanish Company.

We changed the name to Cómpeta Solar in 2019 because this new name better reflected the area of the market that we are focusing on.

All you need is the desire to want to install Solar, the area for the Solar Panels to be sited and the Budget to pay for them, why not contact us for a free survey to see if your property is suitable for an installation and to discuss all your Solar and Heat Pump needs.

Email us to ask questions or to make an arrangement for a site visit to assess the possibility of Solar Electric.

Always use an approved installer that can understand what you need and show you installations that have been installed for satisfied clients.
Talk about what Budget is available, what your aspirations are now and for the future, this will ascertain whether the System needs to be expanded as time passes.

Don’t buy a system on cost only, you will want your Solar System to last for many years and produce the most power possible.

It is our aim to have happy customers only!

Approved and trained by Victron Energy, Suppliers of Victron and Kostal Solar equipment.

House Martins

We started a company called House Martins back in 2005 as a Villa Management company, taking care of properties and pools for the Holiday Rental market, owners were also asking for specialist items such as pool heating to be installed.

H M Heating

As the pool heating was growing for House Martins, we decided to have a separate company that would deal with the installation of Pool Heat Pumps and Solar pool heating.

Cómpeta Solar

As the demand for all things Solar has grown the name H M Heating did not reflect the direction the company was going in, so the new name of Cómpeta Solar has already seen many more installations including ‘Grid Tied Solar’.


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Solar Energy – The smart way to power your home


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