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All you need is the desire to want to install Solar Electric, the area for the Solar Panels to be sited and the Budget to pay for them.

Competa Solar Energy – Examples of our Solar Energy work

Why not contact us for a free survey to see if your property is suitable for an installation and to discuss your Solar Electric needs.

Competa Solar Energy – Examples of our Solar Energy work


Our Services

Solar Electric (PV) (Self-Consumption)

Produce your own electricity using Solar Panels, use this power for your own consumption.

Grid Connected or Off Grid Electric

Produce your own electricity using Solar Panels, using the Grid as backup at night or when very heavy load demand is demanded and store power if required for later use. Off grid using the stored power constantly, the Solar Panels to both keep the batteries charged and supply power.

Solar Hot Water

Produce your own Hot Water for free, the best way to do this is direct heat from the Sun so that the energy is directly converted into Hot Water, a small immersion heater can be added as a backup.

Solar Pool Heating

Heat your swimming pool directly with the Sun using thermal Solar Panels to increase the heat produced and feed this directly to the pool.

Heat Pumps

These units work by extracting the heat from the air that surrounds us and passing this heat through a heat exchanger to heat water, this heated water can be used to heat a Swimming Pool or for heating a house with either Underfloor water pipes or Radiators, it is far more efficient than a conventional Gas Boiler.


Our Projects

Solar Energy is the smart way to power your home. Here are some examples of our work.

Off Grid Solar Electric

Heat Pumps for Pools.

Grid Connected Solar Inverter (Outside)

Flat Roof Solar Panel Installation

Sloping Roof Solar Panel Installation

Grid Connected Solar Inverter with battery storage


Why Use Cómpeta Solar?

Cómpeta Solar has been operating locally in Cómpeta now for some fifteen years (trading as H M Heating). We’ve been very busy over the years installing Solar Electric systems and advising others on how it is done professionally, having been officially trained by Victron Energy in Spain so that local official requirements are followed. Cómpeta Solar is a legally registered Spanish Company.



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Solar Energy – The smart way to power your home


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